Leah Flynn (Gold Award Winner)

AY : Where are you from Leah?

LF : I am from Sanford, FL

AY: When did you first start playing the violin and why did you start?

LFI first started playing the violin in October 2012 when I was 5 years old. My family believes it was the Holy Spirit who told my dad to start me on the violin.

AY: What do you enjoy the most in your music studies?

LFI really love and enjoy repertoire, because I absolutely love listening to the wonderful music it brings.

AY: Could you please tell us how you make your practice more fun and efficient for yourself?

LF: I practice with my dad everyday and having him in the room makes a huge difference on the levels of fun. Also watching concertos and music videos in between practicing. Also playing games like the perfect pitch game with my dad, can be so much fun!

AY: Do you play in a chamber music group or orchestra and if yes, please tell us about your favourite moments playing in the group.

LFI used to play in a sixty-seat youth orchestra, and it was great. One of my favourite moments was when I was the concertmaster for three years and lead kids that were much older than me. Truly I can say being in an orchestra helped me so much in my solo violin playing.

AY: How do you balance school academic work with music practice and what is your best advice for efficient time-management?

LF: I’m home-schooled which gives me so much more flexibility. I do schoolwork for 4-5 hours in the morning and then in the afternoon I do my 3 hours of practice. My best advice is to prioritize what matters most.

AY: Did you find your experience at the 2nd New Talent British International Youth Music Competition a beneficial one? If yes, please tell us why.

LF: It was a great stepping stone and I am very appreciative of that.

AY: Is there anything coming up in the coming months that makes you excited? Please tell us about it!

LF: Yes, I’m excited because I have many new competitions coming up.

AY: What advice do you have for young musicians who have just started learning an instrument?

LF: I would tell all young musicians to practice every day and never give up.

Thank you Leah!

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