Vadim Maguin (Bronze Award Winner)

AY : Where are you from Vadim?

VM : I was born in France. However, my family moved to Moscow when I was two-years old, and I have lived in Russia for the past 10 years. I go to a French school in Moscow, and study music in a Russian music school.

AY: When did you first start playing the violin and why did you start?

VM: My mother plays the piano; she always wanted her children to study music. My older sister plays the piano and my older brother plays the violin. I remember that I immediately liked this instrument a lot, and wanted to play it too. I was five when I first asked my brother’s teacher to teach me how to play the violin.

AY: What do you enjoy the most in your music studies?

VM: What I enjoy the most in my music studies is to learn playing a difficult piece. It is hard to play at the beginning but the more you practice the easier it gets.

AY: Could you please tell us how you make your practice more fun and efficient for yourself?

VM: To amuse myself, I sometimes start off by playing old pieces that I particularly like. Then I continue by playing the piece I am working on at the moment. I begin by playing it slowly, then fast.

I also like to listen on the internet how famous violinists plays the same piece differently and make up my own version of it.

Most of the time, at home, I play the violin 30 min, then take a break, do something else, and get back to the instrument for another 30 min.

AY: Do you play in a chamber music group or orchestra and if yes, please tell us about your favourite moments playing in the group.

VM: I have played for 3 years in a string music group conducted by my violin teacher. For the last 3 years, I have played with the same friends. We play together as a team. What I like is the synchronization and the harmony between all the different players of the group after we managed to master the piece. What I like most about my music group is having the chance to act as a soloist.

AY: How do you balance academic studies with practice and what is your best advice for efficient time-management?

VM: I would say that I balance school work and violin practice quite well. Since I’m only in 8th grade, I don’t have that much homework and finish school at 4:30pm most of the time. I have violin lessons 4 times a week and try to play by myself every day.

AY: Did you find your experience at the 2nd New Talent British International Youth Music Competition a beneficial one? If yes, please tell us why.

VM: The 2nd New Talent British International Youth Music Competition has been my favourite competition so far. It was not a “video” competition; I played on the scene in front of a jury in a beautiful concert hall – but I have to admit that I was stressed! So to be able to overcome this stress was for me a beneficial experience. I also had the pleasure to be a prizer, and that is a big reward that gives you the desire to keep on playing.

Vadim Maguin performing for the competition

AY: Is there anything coming up in the coming months that makes you excited? Please tell us about it!

VM: in May next year, I will graduate from my music school and that will mark the end of the Russian music school’s seven-year program. For the graduation exam, I chose with my music teacher a piece that I like a lot. I am excited and a bit sad at the same time; I really like my music teacher; she has been teaching me the violin for already 7 years!

AY: What advice do you have for young musicians who have just started learning an instrument?

VM: After school, I also manage to practice sport, play with friends, but a lot of my free time is devoted to music. Like sport, dance, music requires a lot of training and sometimes sacrifices. Therefore, make sure you like your instrument. Try to play in a chamber music group to be part of a team. Listen to famous musicians and different types of music on YouTube, you will feel inspired. Play for a short time period but stay focused. You will surprise yourself with the pieces that you will progressively manage to play and that will give you the drive to carry on.

Thank you Vadim!

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