Virtuoso Course Summer 2018 Information

Information on AY Academy Virtuoso Course Summer 2018 will be available in late March 2018, please check back then.

AY Academy Virtuoso Course

The first of its kind for students living in China


AY Academy was set up by Amy Yuan in London in 2015. Amy Yuan is an award-winning violinist graduated from Royal Academy of Music with full scholarship. She was the only Chinese Leader in the history of National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. The aim of AY Academy is to provide an all-round, high quality and bespoke music and art education for students living in Britain and China, using music and art to help students to improve their comprehensive abilities. 

Having studied, performed and taught at the heart of British music and private education for 14 years, in January 2017, Amy brought the exclusive AY Academy Virtuoso Course Winter 2017 to students living in China and the course became the first of its kind to give the students the opportunity to experience the best of British music and private education and it's culture and society. 

Based on the succesful experience of AY Academy Virtuoso Winter 2017, AY Academy is very happy to introduce to you Virtuoso Course Summer 2017. The Course places are limited to 15 students selected through interview.

Virtuoso Course Professor and Mentor Lineup


袁雯雯|Amy Yuan

Award-winning London-based violinist

The only Leader from China in the history of National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

9-year teaching experience in London

Founder Director of Amy Yuan Academy, AY Academy Virtuoso Course Artistic Director and Violin Mentor

Richard Morris

Former Chief Executive of ABRSM

Founding Trustee of Mayor's Music Fund and Chair of Education Committee

Chair of Governors at Yehudi Menuhin School

Professor Nicola Eimer

Renowned concert pianist

Royal Academy of Music Piano Professor

Nate • Anderson-Frank

Renowned solo and concert violinist

Leader of BBC Concert Orchestra

Former Assistant Leader of Philharmonia Orchestra


Mina • Beldimanuscu

Award-winning pianist, Royal Academy of Music Alumna

Experienced piano teacher and mentor

AY Academy Virtuoso Course Piano-mentor-in-residence


Sasha Howard

British socialite

Invited to the Shanghai Debutant Ball

AY Academy Virtuoso Course British etiquette tutor

Lady July Montagu

Viscountess of Hinchingbrooke

Author of 3 best-selling books and Yoga instructor 

Oxford-124 copy.jpg

HH Princess Alreem ALTenaiji

AY Academy Royal Patron

8 Reasons to Choose Us

❂ Exclusive experience for less than 15 students

To ensure the exclusive course quality and the high quality experience for each student, Virtuoso Course places are strictly limited to 15 students. Selection is based on interview.  

❂  One-to-one masterclasses and one-to-one instructed practice. Course concert. 

Course students will enjoy one-to-one masterclasses with Royal Academy of Music Professor and Leader of top British Orchestra. Royal Academy of Music alumni will accompany Course students 24/7 to help them practice with more efficiency and to answer any questons the students might have. 

Course students will perform in Course Concert organised at a surprise location by HH Princess Alreem ALTenaiji. 

Course students will improve their instrument techniques and music knowledge. They will gain performance confidence and discover new passions for their music studies.

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❂ The most authoritative information on British music educaiton. 

Richard Morris, ABRSM's former Chief Executive for 17 years, a Founding Trustee of Mayor's Music Fund and Chair of its Education Committee, he is also Chair of Governors of Yehudi Menuhin School. Course students will enjoy a tailor-made talk by Richard on topics such as how to make the most of ABRSM exams and what are the most important things to remember when one progresses through one's music studies. There will be a Q&A at the end of the talk. Richard Morris.png

❂ Pure English learning environment

Virtuoso Course masterclasses, practice instructions, etiquette training, tailor-made talk etc. are all in English. Students will broaden theri vocabulary and gain confidence in their spoken English. They will also learn music and art vocabularies. 

❂  Meet distinguished individuals and cultivate elegant temperament

Learn face-to-face with Royal Academy of Music Professor and Leader of top British orchestra. Talk with former Chief Executive of ABRSM, learn British etiquette with British socialite and experience a day with HH Princess Alreem. 

Course students will enjoy English afternoon tea, discover beauty in concert halls and galleries and experience the best of British lifestyle.

Oxford-130 copy.jpg

❂   Charmed by British art and culture

Tour of Royal Ballet School, attend three high level classical concerts, visit museums and galleries, tour Royal Albert Hall, visit Oxford and Cambridge. 

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❂  Course certificates and comments hand-signed and hand-written by masters, Course Artistic Director and HH Princess Alreem ALTenaiji

HH Princess Alreem ALTenaiji will present course certificates to the students. the certificates will be hand-signed by masters, Course Artistic Director and Princess Alreem. Students will also receive Course comments hand-written by masters, Artistic Director and Piano Mentor. 

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❂  Special lead teacher

AY Academy Virtuoso Course is led by its Artistic Director- Amy Yuan and its piano mentor-Mina Beldimanescu. They will accompany students 24/7, guide students through galleries and museums, explain life in Britian and prepare them for masterclasses, concerts and concert visits. 

Students will be able to ask questons at any time even during car journeys. 

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Suitable Students

10-17 year old;

plays violin or piano at Grade 3 or above level;

would like to learn music skills and expertise with masters face-to-face;

would like to meet distinguished individuals;

woud like to exclusively enjoy the best of British music and art.

Course Schedule

23rd July

International flight from China to London with Course Artistic Director. 

24th July

Introduction to Course. 

Music themed English lesson. 

British Etiquette training. 

one-to-one practice instruction in preparation for masterclasses.

25th July

Tailor-made talk by former Chief Executive of ABRSM.

Visit Royal Academy of Music.

26th July

Escape Room with Princess Alreem.

Virtuoso Course concert.

Princess Alreem present course certificates to students.

Students enjoy dinner with Princess Alreem. 

27th July

Thorough visit to British Museum. 

Hyde Park to enjoy English summer weather. 

Attend high level classical concerts. 

28th July

One-to-one masterclass with Pr. Nicola Eimer. 

29th July

One-to-one masterclass with Nate • Anderson-Frank.

Julie Montagu talk

30th July

All-day visit to Oxford.

Attend high level classical concerts.  

31st July

Violin and Piano masterclasses.

One-to-one instructed practice. 

1st August

Tour Royal Albert Hall

Tour of Royal Ballet School

Thorough visit to National Gallery

English afternoon tea

2nd August

All-day visit to Cambridge.

Attend high level classical concerts.  

3rd August

International flight back to London with Course Artistic Director. 


Previous Course

Please find 2017 Winter Course review from website menu

Previous course parent review

AY Academy Virtuoso Course has been the most beneficial activity my 10-year-old son Henry has taken part in. 

This course organised and led by Miss Yuan has a focused purpose, clear positioning, rich resources and professional execution.

AY Academy Virtuoso Course has had profound impact on my child. The Course not only broadened her horizon and vision, it also helped her to have the determination to focus.

AY Academy Virtuoso Course had well-knit and efficient schedule and timetables which were very suitable for Chinese young musicians.

Our purpose of sending our child on the course was very simple - to gain different perspectives on music. In reality, my child harvested so much more. Not only in music, in fact, not only in art, the Course has helped my child to improve in many aspects of life such as getting along with other people, learning British traditions and customs and broadening his horizon and vision. Thank you for taking the students into your private circle in London which made the Course feel more private and exclusive. 

 AY Academy Virtuoso Course Artistic Director   

Amy Yuan

  • Full scholarships at Millfield School and Royal Academy of Music.

  • Bachelor and Masters honours degrees. 

  • The only Chinese Concertmaster in the history of National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain.

  • Awarded ‘Candide Prize’ by LSO St. Luke’s String Academy for ‘the Most Promising Musician’.

  • Hosted solo and chamber concerts across Europe and China.

  • Worked with London Symphony Orchestra, London Chamber Orchestra and Oxford Philharmusica. 

  • Students include European aristocrats and Middle Eastern Royal Family.

  • Awards include Violet Strutton Award, Wyse Bequest, Elizabeth Spater Award and Stanley Picker Award.

  • Chosen and sponsored by The Rothschild Foundation.

For more informaiton on the course:

AY Academy official website:

Application Procedure

Step 1:3 ways to apply

1. Visit AY Academy official website to fill in application form.

2. Call 159 0140 0866 or send email。

3. Click "Read More" to apply.

Step 2:Online interview

Course Artistic Director will arrange interview time with applicants.  

Step 3: Enroll

Students complete Course enrollment and start British visa application if student holds a Chinese passport. 

Application deadline:5th May 2017.

AY Academy Virtuoso Course places are strictly limited to 15, application will close once course places are full. 

AY Academy website
Hold the QR code, recognise to visit AY Academy official website.


Amy Yuan Academy Ltd (registered in England and Wales)



电话|Phone:86-15901400866 (中国) 


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